Installation view, SoFA Gallery

Errant Behaviors
February 8-March 11, 2005

Errant Behaviors, a video installation by Chicago artist Anne Wilson, features animations of Wilson’s small fiber creations, exploring the relationship between humor and the dark side. Errant Behaviors illustrates and embodies rude actions, quirky growth, and playful and sinister relationships.

Originally created for the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston and
dramatically reconfigured for the SoFA Gallery, "Errant Behaviors", emerged
out of Anne Wilson’s "Topologies", a sculpture first shown in the 2002 Whitney
Biennial. The latent associations and meanings of Topologies are emphasized,
enlivened, and acted out.

Anne Wilson, Errant Behaviors, 2004
Composer: Shawn Decker
Animator: Cat Solen
Post-production Animator and Mastering: Daniel Torrente
Courtesy Roy Boyd Gallery, Chicago and Revolution Gallery, Detroit
(Copyright 2004 Anne Wilson)

Exhibit catalog available

Publications via Friends of Art Bookshop, Indiana University